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Burger Batok From Indonesia

Not have thought, was native to Indonesia this burger taste so good. First terms of breads, bread that is designed with the composition of personal recipes, feels very soft to the size of Indonesia, which is not a big belly but not too small. Then from the meat, a mixture of meat, eggs and flour fit. Meat taste really feels meat and the importance lies in the aroma nih.

Since when cooking meat, meat diungkep with coconut shells, therefore the smoke does not go anywhere or seep back into his flesh. So, taste the smoke in the flesh is making a characteristic that distinguishes it from other burger meat.

From the mayonnais or could be called mayonnaise concoction itself has also been adapted to the tongue taste Jowo especially in Central Java who like sweet. But sweetness is not neg because it was mingled with mayonnaise acids. Hm, how yah? What is clear to me really does rasaya match.

And here’s why the owners who make bold claims Burger Indonesia, as usual using a vegetable burger lettuce, cabbage here is replaced with. Vegetables of Jogja is commonly used to mix the satay, fried rice or noodles, and typical of Yogyakarta.

It turned out delicious cabbage loh also be used as a mixture of burgers. Especially considering the efficacy or benefits of cabbage. Where a variety of vitamins and compounds that exist to heal the wounds in the stomach, support the healing of cancer and headaches. And many other useful benefits for health.

But yes as healthy food of any kind, if not most are also good. As if the drug can cure disease but if he ate most of it is bad? Drinking water was also drunk anyway when most?

Coffee Kuwalat

Anyway, besides burgers here unique beverages also have unique burger-shell which is located on Jl. Swadaya no Kalimalang 22 in East Jakarta this. At that time I Kuwalat Coffee messages. Where coffee is actually tongkrongan coffee in a coffee shop in the villages there. That means drinking aja different, which is behind glass and we drank from the bottom. But here let me not be given assistance straw complicated he-he-he …. Clearly, the coffee is coffee without the coffee grounds with a sense of native Indonesia, which does not make my ulcer recurrence.

Then, I also messages mbaurekso tea. It’s the usual pot of tea really. But since in Jakarta hard to find sellers nian tea pot, it feels so good Rock On drink during this cold air. Tegal Slawi typical tea is fragrant, taken together with rock sugar and brewed with cinnamon, yoalaaaaa … yihi yipi tenan delicious.

Drink this tea I was accompanied by the same fried cassava cheese wow wow wow … very good. Apparently they use different cooking techniques with other fried seller. Cassava is made with the method of French Fries .. that you know that staying frozen fries fried aja.

So, who has been selected cassava boiled with garlic seasoning. And then frozen. If anyone purchases, a new fried and given a sprinkling of cheese and sweetened condensed milk. Waaaah, yes ampuuun mantab once. Rasaya savory crunchy and moist inside with a taste of melted cheese and milk on the tongue … yum yum …

The owner Mas Mbak Indri and Burger Court is the initiator of this Batok. No wonder that a lot of smelly Jogja, because calibaration have calibaration, mbak Indrinya come from Jogja. Oya, who qualified for the delicacy, the new burger will be made even when there is an order, so when I arrived at the table, the burger was still in a state of heat.

Wow …. scent came to my office nih. Gosh, I so want to get there. Burger and cassava also feel very ngangenin stall.

For the price is also very friendly, Burger Batok without cheese Rp 12,000, Rp 13,000 disposable cheese, coffee, cassava kuwalat Rp 5,000 and Rp 9,000 fried cheese.



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